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Finnische Erfindungen

Verfasst: 17. Okt 2007 18:17
von sunny1011
Nicht ganz konventionelle Forschung ist in Finnland Alltag. Neulich das Beispiel mit Melatonin in Milch (ob es nun wirksam ist oder nicht). Nun wieder eine Meldung über die Untersuchung der Wirkung von Beeren gegen Atemweginfektionen, Ohrenentzündungen und Meningitis, möglicherweise auch Tuberculose:
Berries in the Fight against Infection
Published 16.10.2007, 11.09 (updated 16.10.2007, 19.11)

Foods offering helping in the fight against infection are being developed from Finnish berries. It is believed their components can prevent respiratory and ear infections. The new products could be on the shelves within a few years.

Research by the Berry Milk project at laboratories of the University of Kuopio focuses on whether milk, Chinese herbs and berries can prevent various types of infections.

Project Manager Carina Tikkanen-Kaukanen says the vaccinium genus of shrubs are specifically under the microscope. These include lingonberries, bilberries, mooseberries and crowberries. Results have been good, she says.

Elements are being examined from the berries that would prevent bacteria adhering to the mouth and inside the respiratory system. It is hoped a successful outcome would assist in the fight against respiratory and ear infections as well as meningitis. Even help in the battle against tuberculosis is not ruled out.

The aim of the research is to develop foodstuffs to be consumed by risk groups such as the chronically ill, the elderly, children and conscripts.

Developing nations could also put the foodstuffs to good use in areas where immunisation is impractical.

Some ten researchers are currently involved in this EU project financed by the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (TEKES). Human trials are scheduled for next year with military conscripts as the first guinea pigs.

The form of foodstuffs preventing infection is not yet clear but they could be available in about three years' time.

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Verfasst: 1. Jun 2008 20:13
von sunny1011
Ein Rollstuhl betrieben durch die Kraft der Gedanken - mit Hilfe einer BCI Interface
Finnish brain device interprets quadriplegic patient’s thoughts
Aim is to control simple computer applications such as electric wheelchair with power of thought

Quadriplegic patients in the Käpylä Rehabilitation Centre in Helsinki have been involved in an exciting research project verging on science fiction.
As part of a doctoral dissertation, a device that is able to “read” thoughts has been tested on the patients.

When the command that a patient is thinking is transferred through a computer to, say, an electric wheelchair, the chair will turn to the desired direction.
In the same fashion, the power of thought can be used to control a computer, television, or any other electronic device.
Laura Kauhanen, M.Sc. (Technology), will defend her doctoral thesis on the subject at the Helsinki University of Technology today, Friday.

In the EEG laboratory of the Helsinki University of Technology, Kauhanen demonstrates the pivotal instrument of the project, a headset that measures the electric activity of a person’s brain.
The cap, which is held in place by a strap under the chin, has 32 measuring electrodes attached to it.
A red LED light shines from each one of the electrodes.

The brain-computer interface (BCI) utilises a simple notion: when we think of something, this causes changes in the electric field of the brain.
As a person thinks of the same thing several times, for example turning the wheelchair right, the attached computer “learns” to recognise the brain’s electric state caused by that particular thought and is then able to pass the correct command to the wheelchair. A primitive analogy might be the way in which voice-operated text processing software "learns" the user's speech patterns.
This type of guidance system only became possible after the mid-1990s, when the processing speed of computers finally reached a sufficient level.
According to the results of Kauhanen’s doctoral thesis, a quadriplegic patient’s brain signals differ from those of a healthy person. Hence future testing will have to concentrate on the actual target group. Test results received with healthy persons cannot be generalised or extrapolated with any great confidence.

So far the brain-computer interface can only be adapted to control very simple computer applications. Kauhanen is quick to dismiss some of the more pie-in-the-sky suggestions of a "thought-reading machine" that could even be used as a lie-detector. As yet, very little is still known of the immensely complex patterns of the human brain.
According to Kauhanen, disabled people - who cannot use their limbs to operate devices - would reap the most benefit from the invention. ... 5236785851

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Verfasst: 13. Jun 2008 23:05
von sunny1011
Die wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeiter der Uni Turku arbeiten an einer Entwicklung von Lebensmittel, die auf Mars oder Mond kultiviert werden könnten. In Frage kommt die (ohnehin gesunde) Spirulina Alge
Turku Scientists Develop Slimy Space Food
Published 12.06.2008, 11.22 (updated 12.06.2008, 12.02)

Scientists at the Univeristy of Turku are making strides in developing food that could be cultivated and eaten on manned space stations on the moon or on Mars. Good results have been seen in the production of nutritious algae that have the added benefit of producing loads of oxygen. A pleasant taste is apparently not one of its features.

The future of long-distance space travel is dependent -- among other things -- on astronauts being able to grow their own food. Scientists experimenting with an algae called Spirulina feel it may be the solution.

"We can absolutely grow algae on Mars," says Turku University astrobiologist Kirsi Lehto.

"We're testing to find the minimum atmospheric conditions in which we can grow the algae, which means simulating the atmosphere on Mars -- using low pressure, air pressure, and 100% carbon dioxide -- and we've just discovered that these edible algae grow really well!"

Top Chef Whips Up Algae Pasta

The algae, although it is a green unappetising sludge, is abundant in vitamins, proteins, and iron. It also grows amazingly fast and is easy to cultivate.

The slimy qualities of the algae -- not to mention the foul smell -- are somewhat off-putting.

But the European Space Agency is taking the viscous victual seriously, and has hired a top French chef to make it more appetising on the long trek to Mars. Among other things, he's produced plates of Spirulina pasta with tomato sauce.

Algae Also Produces Oxygen

It will take three years for any space-going vessel to reach Mars using current technology, and once there, explorers will have to create their own oxygen as well as food. Spirulina does both. In fact, pound for pound it produces more oxygen than trees.

"Getting oxygen on a Mars station is essential, and this would be a pretty easy way to provide it," says astrobiologist Harry Lehto.

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Verfasst: 14. Jun 2008 13:08
von Tenhola
Wäre vielleicht sinnvoller, wenn zuerst auf der Erde alle zu essen hätten.

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Verfasst: 6. Apr 2009 22:16
von sunny1011
Zwar weiss ich nicht wie sich diese neue finnische Forschung zu der bereits seit einigen Jahren bestehenden deutschen Gebärmutterhalskrebsimpfung (HPV) unterscheidet, aber es wird geforscht: ... 5244985900

Das verstehe ich nicht:
Many countries are offering the vaccine to girls for free. However, the popularity of the voluntary vaccine has remained minimal. For instance, in Germany, just 40 per cent of girls take the vaccine.
40% ist "minimal"? 40% ist fast die Hälfte...

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Verfasst: 17. Jul 2009 21:13
von sunny1011
Zwei finnische Feldroboter nahmen an dem Wettbewerb Field Robots 2009 an der Uni Wageningen in Holland Anfang Juli teil. Die Ergebnisse kann man irgendwie nicht finden. Die meisten Teilnehmer waren aus Holland, Deutschland und Dänemark. Die finnische TKK stellte EasyWheels und die Universität von Helsinki den ReD vor.

Infos dazu auf :D ... botti.html

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Verfasst: 19. Sep 2009 08:06
von berliner

habe auch noch zwei ganz interessante Erfindungen aus Turku bzw. Finnland gefunden:, sie basiert auf Forschungen der Uni Turku

und der Savonius Rotor kommt wohl auch aus Suomi:

Viele Grüße

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Verfasst: 28. Jan 2010 20:31
von sunny1011
Neue Brustkrebsheilmethoden aus Finnland ... 5252461395

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Verfasst: 2. Mai 2010 18:57
von berliner
Suunto soll wohl den flüssigkeitsgedämpften Kompass erfunden haben. D.h. die Kompassnadel pendelt sich schneller ein.

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Verfasst: 11. Nov 2010 15:29
von sunny1011
Entweder hab ich nicht verstanden, oder bin wieder verblüfft.

Finnische Studie besagt, dass Papilomavirusimpung Gebärmutterhalskrebs verhindern oder mind. entgegenwirken kann. Das wurde in D 2001 untersucht und mit einer Studie bewiesen und junge Mädchen werden doch mind. seit 2005 kostenlos geimpft. ... 5261564811