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Übernachtungsmöglichkeit/Accommodation Finland Feb. '13

Verfasst: 20. Aug 2012 23:25
von AannaA
Hei everybody. :)
I want to travel to Finland in February 2013 and I'm searching for an accommodation.
It'll be my second journey to this wonderful country and it'll take one week (6 nights).
It would be veeeery nice if a finnish person/family could offer me an acc.
I prefer a private acc., because I want to learn more about this country and its people in direct contact.
My finnish skills are almost good, I learn this language in my hometown at native speakers, but I guess I can still learn a lot and practise it in everyday situations.

Hope to get an answer soon.

Terveisiä. :winke2: :wink:

Re: Übernachtungsmöglichkeit/Accommodation Finland Feb. '13

Verfasst: 21. Aug 2012 08:58
von kukkuluuruu
Couchsurfing is the answer! :-)

Ist recht verbreitet in Finnland, und ja, auch im hintersten Winkel.

Hyvää matka!